HHPD Dance & Poms Program

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Please make sure you have an updated email address on file! Important updates & reminders go out via email. We have over 200 households in our dance program so we are unable to call everyone with every update & reminder.

Private Dance Lessons Now Available!

Price for Miss Liz:  $46/hour for residents, $51/hour for non-residents.
Price for Miss Gianna, Miss Madi, Miss Megan, or Miss Sarah: $26/hour for residents, $31/hour for non-residents. Must register in advance.

Call 598-1233 for dates and times available. If you need to cancel you must give a 24 hour notice or you will still be charged for the class and will not be able to make it up.

HHPD Company Dancers (Performance)

Due to new IHSA rules and regulations, the performance classes will not be competing in any way that would violate the IHSA rules.

A performance dancer will be able to take part in the following activities depending on your own schedule and commitment:

Required Performances: 2 Weekend dance performance in Chicago (approximately cost is $65 per dance per dancer), Midwest Nationals (approximately cost is $70 per dance per dancer plus transportation and lodging), and a performance at Great America (approximately cost per person attending is $40). There will also be 3-4 local Park District competitions at a cost of approximately $14 each.

Optional Performances: Weekend dance convention(s) in Chicago (approximately cost per dancer is $200).

In order to be on our performance team it is required that you take at least one other class (tap, ballet, lyrical, jazz, hip hop, or technique) with us. You cannot take just performance.

Performance Level Requirement

Level A & B – Clean single turns, working on or having mastered clean doubles, pointed toes on all leaps, kicks etc.

Level C & D – Clean doubles, pointed toes on all leaps, kicks etc., leaps in 2nd are mastered; switch leaps are clean, fuete turns are clean in 2nd position and in pikiej.

Level Jazz & Lyrical – Clean triples, pointed toes on all leaps, fully extended legs, all of the following leaps are mastered: switch, C, calypso, 2nd, ring; spotting fuetes without losing center will be expected of this level.

Parents, in order to stay up to date with dance information, please make sure you have an e-mail address on file. Our e-mail address is

If you have any questions feel free to call us at 598-1233 ext. 0.