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Kasey Meadow Park Construction & OSLAD Grant.

The Hickory Hills Park District has been working on improvements to Kasey Meadow Park over the past
five years. In 2014, the district was awarded an OSLAD grant for two playgrounds, a splash pad, a fitness station, a rain garden and a ½ mile accessible pathway system. The park district just received a 2019 OSLAD grant for $368,000 to renovate the tennis courts, skate park, basketball court and in-line skating which will be transformed into an asphalt soccer court.  There will be a new social gathering space which will include a new game table, baggo, a seating area with an outdoor charging station near the skate park, basketball court and soccer court. The performance stairs that are currently located at the sled hill and concert/special event hill will be replaced to meet current ADA standards. A curb ramp will be installed from the parking lot to the performance hill area with an ADA accessible concrete area for spectators to view a concert or event from the top of the hill. Companion seating with benches and arm and back rests will be installed. This project includes replacing park amenities, bringing new amenities to the park, and improving the park’s accessibility for all users at this park which serves the entire Hickory Hills community and surrounding suburbs. The project will complete the master plan improvements to Kasey Meadow Park and is in line with the district-wide comprehensive master plan goals.

This project will begin in the summer of 2019. The basketball courts, skate park, in-line skating and tennis courts will be closed in 2020 and reopen in the Spring of 2021. Notice of closings will be posted on our homepage.

Kasey Meadow Park Construction & OSLAD Grant